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about me

my training

The distinct flavour of therapy I offer is called mindfulness-based core process psychotherapy (MBCPP).  This blend of Buddhist philosophy and western psychodynamic psychology emerges as an embodied relational and trauma-informed psychotherapy. 

I  am a UKCP psychotherapist in training with the Karuna Institute.


I have been working in the exhibition industry as a 3d creative designer, which is both exciting and demanding.  I have been working in a team where we build creative environments for our clients to engage with their customers.  Working with clients to meet their needs, I bring our ideas to life in an eye-catching visual way.

why the change of direction

I have chosen to train as a psychotherapist because I wanted to work with people and found therapy helpful myself...   

my approach

Our work will be relational, which means that much of the self-healing and personal growth will come from the depth of our connection and a broader spiritual holding.  This may entail us focusing more on what is happening in the room in that present moment and sometimes what is happening between us. 


I would hope that we would build an effective working relationship where you feel safe and feel confident to open up within this time. Working holistically, this will encompass all parts of your life and experience, looking at the most challenging aspects and exploring what's going well.  We will reflect on what you are most passionate about and what motivates you. 



We will have a 5o minute initial meeting to outline what brings you to therapy and the direction you want to move towards. This will give you a sense of how I work and whether you feel I'm a good fit. I suggest that we take a few days after this initial introduction to contemplate how we think about working together. 

I look forward to our work being a creative and collaborative experience, where moments of joy and laughter will arise as we navigate through the journey of your suffering.  At times this may be difficult, but I will be by your side.